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Hi, I am Victoria (I took the aristic name Grapsi).

     I am an artist, graphic designer, photographer,  video artist and web designer/developer.

     I work in the mix of web coding, illustration, design, art, photography and video. 

     I have developed my skills over the years, my drawing inspiration ideas come from the history of painting and various artistic styles of artists and arts.

     I have experience in html, css, javascript and php. I love to build different responsive  websites - corporate, portfolio, e-commerce and etc. I can develop website from the start to the end, also make styling of pages, logos, colors and fonts design.

     I have experience in Wordpress and WIX, also tried Drupal and Joomla.


     I made my life like a magic cube complementing it with

different combinations of skills. I develop my skills by doing and


     My life is based on the mottos:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein –

I will do my best to get the best result. - Victoria Grapsi -

Self-development never ends, it is cool to make an effort. - Victoria Grapsi -

Please visit my virtual exhibition where you can enjoy arts of graphic design, visual arts, photography and

video/animation: http://phaopiskelijat.keuda.fi/grapsi-victoria/

Please visit my virtual photography exhibition “Siesta – Wild Dream”

Idea of this exhibition is lioness intimate moment of life – sleeping time during a day.

      If you want to work with me, have a question or just would like to say hello, please get in touch here!

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