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Animations created in Abode Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects

Logo animation / Victoria Grapsi

Animaatiovideot (Stop Motion)

SakuStars - kilpailutyö 2020, KUNNIAMAININTA

SakuStars competition 2020, HONORARY MENTION

Christmas trouble



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A Cheesy Story of Cheese in the Forest

Animated advertising for EC company (electric car charging station).
This advertising is cost effective.

The threats of climate change

This Animation describes how climate change has affected unwanted weather extremes


Gif animation - Bicycle Helmet Safety Campaign  - Liikenneturva

Bicycle helmet campaigns can have a real effect on safety and injury prevention. A study from the Harborview Injury Prevention Center in Seattle, Washington, found that bike helmets could prevent three out of four cycling deaths.

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