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JÄÄkarhu - Ice cream

The project objective:
Design a brand identity for vegetarian ice cream company (logo).

Then design individual packages for 6 different flavors and one multi-package for all the flavors.

The project realization:
I designed a new ice cream logo and packages.  The target market of the product is child consumer.

The package design is based on harmonic colors combinations with clear illustrations.

Ice bear story.

I am a small Ice bear. I live in the north of world, where sun never goes down and nature is colored in white color. Yes, you are right, I live in beyond the polar circle, in the snow valley illuminated by the cold sun.
You will find a piece of ice of the polar cold inside this ice cream.
We are northern polar ice bears, which love to eat ice cream.

Refresh yourself in the heat with ICE bear ice cream!

This Ice cream was made by people with love for ice bear and for ice and snow from the Arctic.

JÄÄkarhu - Ice cream cone (Jäätelötötterö)

JÄÄkarhu - Ice cream bar (Jäätelöpuikko) or Ice cream sandwich (Jäätelökeksi)


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