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HALU- a cosmetic brand for men

The project objective:
Design a brand of products for a male cosmetic company (logo, packaging).
Then design individual packaging for 3 different products in the same series and the appearance of these 3 products. Create advertise materials.

The project realization:
I designed a new male cosmetic logo and packages. The targest market of the product is male consumers.
The package design is based on harmonic colors combinations with clear illustrations and text fonts.


HALU is a Finnish cosmetic brand for men that sells in Germany. This brand has the finest selection of men's organic products. Fresh and clean Finnish natural components are used in the manufacturing phase.

The components of the products are hand-picked and tested: the products must be created using only the highest level
ethically produced natural and organic ingredients and must be effective and non-allergenic.

These include skin care, bath, body and hair care products delivered to the highest standards of customer care as desired.
The purpose of the brand is to reveal the fragrances of the natural ingredients of the products and to expand the natural ingredients
use in the manufacture of products.

The brand aims to attract men to use natural cosmetics in his daily life.